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Pro Home Care | Onsite Healthcare

Pro Homecare was founded in 2021 by a dynamic and innovative team with international medical experience. We have many local and global partnerships and collaborations to provide the best home healthcare solutions. We are based in Kyrenia, Turkish Republic, Northern Cyprus.

We recognize the rights and sensitivities of our patients.


Why Pro Home Care?

With the Corona virus affecting the whole world over the last two years, our perspective on health has changed. We have experienced that health should never be taken for granted, and faced the distress of being unable to touch our loved ones. Due to the problems experienced in the healthcare systems around the world, and the difficulties in reaching health assistance when needed, is the reason why we as Pro homecare offer everyone accessible health with our system, where you can get health services 24 hours a day, to respond to your health-related needs in the comfort and hygiene of your home.


As a member of your family, we are with you 24/7.


How pro home care works?

  • Contact us +90539 118 8112 to arrange a consultation.
  • A treatment and care plan according to your medical history will be created specifically for you.
  • Our experienced team will start to visiting you in accordance to your treatment plan.