About Us

As Pro Homecare, we were founded in 2021 by a dynamic and innovative team from the Mediterranean with international medical experience. We have many local and global partnerships and collaborations to provide the healthiest home healthcare solutions. We are based in Kyrenia, Turkish Republic, Northern Cyprus and recognize the rights and sensitivities of our patients.

With our motto of “accessible health”, we have set ourselves the goal of meeting the health-related needs of everyone, everywhere. As Pro Homecare, we believe in the importance and value of privacy and provide onsite healthcare services in compliance with all laws and ethical values ​​of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We advocate for patients as health ambassadors, prevent immeasurable risks, and implement specialized solutions in our areas of responsibility with an experienced and professional team that considers high communication skills and ethical values. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus offers a wide range of healthcare services and home care, from wound care to neonatal care, while keeping in mind the diversity of each family’s history and respecting privacy first. We offer packages that have been thought out to the smallest detail so that you can spend the entire treatment process in the comfort and hygiene of your own home.
We are health ambassadors on this journey to regain your health, with our team working 24/7 so patients receiving home health care can experience this process in the most comfortable way possible.